Lawn and Landscape Care

Lawn and Landscape Care

Why Total Turf?

Total Turf Lawn Care Services provides an array of weekly and seasonal lawn care services tailored to each customer’s specific needs. Our Seasonal Service Plans keep your lawn looking good and thriving throughout the growing season.

Fertilization: Seasonal Service

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Achieving that healthy, green lawn that you see on the front of landscape magazines requires fertilization. Increased water absorption and a proper balance of nutrients from fertilizer will be the difference between a lawn that struggles in the summer no matter how much you water, and a lawn that thrives even in the dry heat. We use fertilizers that are specifically made for Colorado with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Iron mixed in the correct proportions. It is recommended to fertilize four times per year in the early spring, twice in the middle of the summer and at the end of the season to prepare for winter. We would be happy to provide you with complete fertilizing care throughout the season whether it is alongside our lawn service, or on its own. Please Contact us today for pricing and scheduling.

Power Raking: Spring Service

Power raking can be a very effective means of eliminating the buildup of thatch in your lawn. Over years of growth, and especially through tough winters, some of the grass dies leaving a thick, dead layer of grass that cannot be easily composted. Removal of thatch is important to allow airflow to move to the roots, water to soak into the ground, and new growth to sprout up.

Power raking can be traumatic to a lawn if performed improperly. If the thatch layer is less than one inch, aeration will usually take care of the problem. Once the thatch layer gets to be more than one inch, your lawn has a difficult time composting the thatch, and it builds up. Total Turf pays close attention to the way in which we power rake to be sure we do not damage your existing lawn. Power raking, overseeding, aeration, and fertilization should all be performed together for the best results. If your lawn is in need of power raking and our other lawn care services, contact Total Turf for a healthy lawn that looks its best.

Aeration: Spring and Fall Service

AerationOur aeration lawn service is arguably the most important service we provide. Aeration eliminates thatch in your lawn and help increase water absorption by breaking up the compacted Colorado soil. Proper nutrition is important for the lawn, and this starts with water absorption and the composting of thatch. For best aeration results, we recommend that you water the lawn deeply for two days before your scheduled aeration. Fertilizing at the time of the aeration is recommended for immediate release of nutrients. It is recommended to aerate twice each year, and the best times to aerate are in the spring and fall. Please contact us to schedule your spring aeration!

Overseeding: Spring or Fall Service

Lawns that look sparse or have an over-abundance of weeds would benefit greatly from overseeding. Growing in popularity, overseeding is becoming the inexpensive alternative to ripping out a struggling yard and starting over. With the proper preparation using power raking and aeration, overseeding can yield the results that more costly methods of turf care provide. In order for overseeding to work, a functional sprinkler system must be used, traffic must be minimized until the grass is established, and the soil must be tested to be sure it has the right balance of nutrients to support the new growth. Once the grass has been established, you will start to notice that the weeds in the lawn are vanishing, and a healthy, green lawn is appearing. Using less money and resources, Total Turf can have your lawn looking magazine-cover ready.

Weed Spraying: Seasonal Service

Weeds are a perpetual nuisance for anyone with a landscape. Total Turf hates weeds, and we would love to help you get this problem under control. We offer both chemical options and more organic options to take care of the most common types of Colorado weeds, including Canadian thistle, dandelion, mallow kosha, and many more. Weed spraying can be on a recurring schedule, or we are happy to spray on a call-and-come basis. Contact us to schedule your weed control today!

Lawn Cleanup: Spring and Fall Service

Through a harsh winter your lawn and landscape can be riddled with debris and overgrowth that makes it look dingy and unkempt. Total Turf loves nothing more than taking a lawn and giving it some TLC to make it ready for any approaching season. In the spring, our cleanups consist of:
• Pruning plants, bushes, and trees
• Thinning overgrowth
• Cleaning out beds of leaves and other debris
• Raking leaves out of the lawn
• Hauling away the debris to a recycling facility

As winter approaches, our approach to your cleanup changes slightly. During the winter, most plants feed off of the dead or dormant stems, so leaving the summer growth on the plant for the winter is a necessity. All other steps of our lawn cleanup process stay the same:
• Thinning overgrowth
• Cleaning out beds of leaves and other debris
• Raking leaves out of the lawn
• Hauling away the debris to a recycling facility

Our lawn cleanups, either spring or fall, will ensure that your lawn is looking tidy no matter what season it is.

Sprinkler Startup: Spring Service

As summer sets in, the sprinkler system is your most valuable asset in keeping your lawn properly watered and healthy through the dry Colorado heat. Our sprinkler startup services will ensure that your system is running properly, covering the lawn evenly, and set to the correct timing and amount of water flow. This service is crucial to making sure that your sprinklers are functioning properly to avoid wasting water and be sure your lawn is getting the amount of water it needs.

Sprinkler Blowouts: Fall Service

Before the winter months, it is very important to blow out the sprinkler system to keep water from freezing and expanding in the pipes, which can cause breakage and costly damage. This damage can easily be avoided through an inexpensive, pre-freeze sprinkler blowout. Contact Total Turf at the end of your watering season but before the cold weather sets in to avoid the hassle of broken sprinkler pipes and other expensive damage.

Ask us about our other landscaping services which include:

• Mulch and Rock refreshing
• Landscape renovation/face-lift
• Minor tree trimming
• Planting/Trimming shrubs


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