Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast


The weather forecast from indicates we should expect a spring and summer season that is slightly above average on precipitation (which is much needed). It is also supposed to stay cooler this summer which keeps the lawns and plants from burning up.

Here’s an excerpt from 2013 Long-Range Weather Forecast for Longmont, Colorado:

The snowiest periods will occur in mid- to late November, early to mid-December, mid- to late January, and early and mid-March.

April and May will be cooler and drier than normal.

Summer will be cooler than normal, especially in the south, with the hottest periods in late June, early July, and mid- to late July. Rainfall will be slightly above normal in the north and slightly below in the south.

September and October will be cooler than normal, with rainfall above normal in the north and below in the south.

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