About Total Turf Lawn Care

With years of experience in neighborhood lawn care, we’ll provide top quality service at a value price.

Lawn and Landscape Care

Total Turf Lawn Care Services provides an array of weekly and seasonal lawn care services tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

Weekly Lawn Care Services

Total Turf Lawn Care weekly lawn service relieves the burden of lawn maintenance from your busy schedule.

Aeration Services

Schedule your spring aeration to break up the compacted Colorado soil, eliminate thatch in your lawn, and help increase water absorption.

Enjoy your yard hassle-free. Contact Total Turf Lawn Care Services today.

Lawn Care Tips & News

We'll share news, tips, and insights for best lawn care practices throughout the spring and summer months.

Healthy Lawn Care Tips

Aerating is one of the best ways to prepare your lawn for a hot Colorado summer. Learn more here.

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Weather Forecast

The weather forecast from Almanac.com indicates we should expect a spring and summer season that is slightly above average on precipitation